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2010 Graduate – Katie Anderson

Katie AndersonAuburn was originally incorporated as Slaughter, Washington after Lt. William Slaughter, who died in an Indian skirmish in 1855. At the time, the main hotel in town was called the “Slaughter House.” In 1893, a large group of settlers from Auburn, New York moved to Slaughter, and renamed the town to “Auburn.” Due to this history, when Auburn was building its second high school in the mid-1990s, there was a grass-roots effort to name the high school “Slaughter High School,” but it was eventually decided that the name would be too politically incorrect, and the High School was named “Auburn Riverside High School,” whose mascot is the Ravens.

The postwar era was prosperous to Auburn, bringing more businesses and a community college to the city. In 1963, The Boeing Company built a large facility to mill sheet metal skin for jet airliners. As time went on, many farms disappeared as the land was converted to industrial use. In 1995, The Supermall of the Great Northwest was built in the valley, enticing consumers from all over the Puget Sound region. Auburn has made the transition from small farms to large industries, but much of the city’s history remains. A monument in the memory of Lieutenant Slaughter, erected in 1918, still stands in a local park.

Standing completely politically correct is our featured graduate, Miss Katie Anderson. Katie graduated from Citizens’ last October. She took a few classes in her freshman year of high school and realized that it wasn’t for her. Katie had trouble remembering what she learned and could not get the individual attention she needed. The group pace setting in her high school was a recipe for disaster for Miss Anderson.

Katie is the youngest in her family. She was so concerned about her ability to learn that she asked her parents for alternatives. Several of her friends attended Citizens’ High and recommended that she and her parents check it out. She did just that and the rest as they say is history.

Katie found Citizens’ curriculum and examinations straight forward. The books and study guides maintained a simple concept. While the curriculum is simple, it still challenges the mind. Katie was able to take each course at her pace, not the pace. Because of that she had the freedom to go back and review forgotten topics. It definitely paid off for her. Katie graduated with a near perfect GPA.

We will be losing Katie very soon. She has married a New Zealander and will be relocating there to start her family. Our loss will be a type and shadow for New Zealand high schoolers to pattern. If we may insert a shameless plug; Citizens’ Curriculum will ship to New Zealand too. Good luck in your future and God’s speed Katie, You our Featured Graduate for November 2010.

Katie Anderson is Citizens’ High School

“Graduate of the Month” for November 2010.