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2010 Graduate – David Sanborn III

David Sanborn IIILong before the first Europeans invaded the unspoiled wonderland of Northern California, native civilizations had existed for thousands of years. Over 300,000 people, divided into seven linguistic families encompassing 64-80 different languages, inhabited California. One of these groupings was the Maidu. The abundance of plants and animals encouraged the development of numerous Maidu towns in the Roseville region.

Because the Maidu culture was an oral one, no writings on the Maidu exist before Euro-American contact. It’s estimated that the population of the northern Maidu tribes was about 4,000 before contact, but in 1880-1883, an epidemic of malaria made vast inroads on that population. The gold rush brought miners in 1850, increasing the exposure of the native population to diseases, and in the 1880s, smallpox further reduced their numbers. By 1962, there were only 300-400 native Maidus.

The beginning of the town called Roseville was literally a railroad junction when, in 1864, the Central Pacific Railroad’s east line crossed that of a smaller line: the crew named the place Junction. And for forty years, practically nothing happened… But in 1906, the Southern Railroad moved to Junction, and the city of Roseville was incorporated just three years later.

The story of Roseville had its beginnings in the aftermath of the fabled California Gold Rush when discouraged gold seekers left the mineral regions to take up farming along those rich creek bottom lands earlier ignored. These intrepid pioneers, many of whose descendants still reside in the area, formed the nucleus of what was to become the “first families” of Roseville.

Meet another pioneer of Roseville.  This gentleman is our very own David Sanborn III.  David graduated from Citizens’ High School in June of 2009.  David has never set foot inside a public high school.  He and his folks decided that homeschooling was the best approach for completing high school.  David’s family travels frequently.  This traveling can be hard if repeated school changes are required.

To insure David received a contiguous, quality high school education, he enrolled with Citizen’s in February of 2008.  David did very well and achieved a near perfect GPA while completing 4 academic years in only 486 days from the start date to the end date. That’s 1 year, 4 months or 41,990,400 seconds.  His younger sister is finishing up middle school and will be starting with Citizens’ soon.

David was able to enter college a full two years ahead of his peer group.  He is currently taking classes from Sierra College and pursuing a degree in Communications.  He will eventually enter the job market  and continue with the pioneering spirit.
David was the unanimous selection for Citizens’ graduate of the Month.  He has excelled under difficult circumstances.  We are proud of David’s accomplishments and extend to him a hearty “Well Done!”

David Sanborn III is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for July 2010.