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2010 Graduate – Ambre Marie Davenport

Ambre Marie DavenportButler Missouri, in Bates County, is known as the “Electric City.” Butler was the first city west of the Mississippi to have electric power. It is also the oldest continuously operated municipal electric utility in the United States.

John C. Kennett was the first to settle on the site that became Butler, starting a mercantile store, stocked primarily with whiskey and tobacco that he sold to the “Forty-niners” heading west to California. By 1853, Kennett caught gold fever and headed west himself.

The Civil War began in Bates County long before the Battle at Fort Sumter in 1861, commonly accepted as the start of The Civil War. The Missouri Compromise of 1850 admitted Kansas as a state and prohibited slavery north of the 36 degree 30 minute North latitude. When Kansas applied for admission as state, proslavery forces in Missouri were determined that Kansas would also be a slave state. For years there were skirmishes called the “Border Troubles” between the two factions.

Please meet a young lady that is not experiencing any border troubles.  She is Miss Ambre Marie Davenport.  Ambre completed three academic years with Citizens’ in only 1 year, 2 months, 26 days.  We asked her what she thought of Citizens’ curriculum compared to public high school.  She told us “Public high school was easier because a teacher leads the class.  With Citizens curriculum you teach yourself.  Citizens’ helped me improve my reading and writing skills way more than public high school did.”

Ambre was in a big hurry to earn her diploma.  She wanted to enter college as soon as she possibly could.  She did do just that.  She is currently enrolled with Heritage College where she is pursuing a degree in Massage Therapy.  Look for her around March to finish school and enter the business world.

When Ambre is not hitting the books she enjoys shopping with friends or hanging out with her boyfriend.  She also is an accomplished roper. Miss Davenport exemplifies the drive and determination that makes us proud here at Citizens.  We send out a hardy well done and congratulations.

Ambre Marie Davenport is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2010.