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2009 Graduate – Nicole Precht

Nicole PrechtThe town of Maple Grove is located in the north central part of Hennepin County. At one time, it was only inhabited by Winnebago Indians who were moved from Wisconsin to Maple Grove by the Federal Government because “no one lived there”. That all changed in 1851 when Louis Gervais and Pierre Bottineau arrived and staked their claims. W.E. Evans, Harvey Abel, Patrick Defer and O. R. Champlin also settled in Maple Grove, all prior to 1855. They were allowed to buy their claims at the fair market price and could not be forced out by land speculators.

In 1887, a new school building was built and still stands. It was moved back from the road in 1923 and a basement was added. It was used as a private residence until it was purchased by the Osseo Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1960s. They are still using the site. Scattered throughout Maple Grove were a number of small businesses. There were creameries, sawmills and stores. The township also had three dance halls and two horse racing tracks. The former Governor of Minnesota and pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura owned a hobby farm in Maple Grove before he and his family moved to the eastern suburb of Dellwood.

By the late 1950s, the suburban sprawl had reached Maple Grove. The first growth was around the lakes. Then came I-94 and the population started growing again. The population in 1880 was 1,155. In 1950, the population had increased to 1,778. In 1990, the population was 38,756 and by the end of 2005, the population in Maple Grove was over 55,000 and still growing!

Please meet a young lady from Maple Grover that is also growing!  This is Nicole Precht.  Nicole is growing intellectually.  She is one of Citizens’ most recent graduates.  She completed her requirements and earned her diploma in March of 2008. Nicole was enrolled for all four academic years with Citizens’.  She earned a near perfect GPA.

Nicole was struggling with classes as a junior high student.  She found it difficult to stay focused and motivated.  Mostly, she was bored.  Boredom is a natural side affect of not having a challenge.  After completing the 8th grade, Nicole petitioned her parents for an alternative to public high school.  Her parents found Citizens’ to be an excellent match for their daughter’s needs.   Nicole finished the entire four year curriculum in 2 years, 7 months, and 22 days.  How’s that for motivation?

Nicole is now enrolled in college a full year ahead of her peer group.  She is expected to graduate this March.  She will then be a licensed Beautician.  Nicole has an older brother that is a Citizens’ alumni and a younger brother who is ready to enroll with us.  When Nicole is not actively pursuing an educational goal, you can find her dancing, or enjoying a movie.

Nicole exemplifies the drive and desire that our students possess.  We are very proud of her accomplishments.  We wish her God’s speed in the future.

Nicole Precht is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2009.