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2009 Graduate – Hannah Boyd

Hannah BoydFounded in 1848, Corsicana was named by José Antonio Navarro after the Mediterranean island of Corsica, the birthplace of his father, who died when Navarro and his many siblings were still quite young.

Women’s groups have had a strong role throughout the history of the city. One of the earliest efforts was the establishment of the Corsicana Female Literary Institute, a school which operated between 1857 and 1870. The first public library in Corsicana opened in 1901 by effort of the women’s clubs of the city. A 1905 library gift by Andrew Carnegie gave the library a permanent home and its first full-time, professionally trained librarian. The library today is housed in a dedicated building downtown and boasts more than 52,283 Books, 6,306 Audio Materials, 783 Video Materials, and 122 Serial Subscriptions.

The Corsicana oil field was discovered in 1894 by accident by parched water
prospectors hired by the Corsicana Water Development authority. It was the first commercially significant oilfield find in Texas. An even larger oil field, the Powell oil field, was discovered in 1923 some 10 miles east of Corsicana. Another significant area oil and gas find occurred in 1956. Each oil and gas discovery brought a renewed development boom to the city.

During World War II, an airman flying school called Corsicana Air Field trained thousands of pilots.

Combining women and training, we have Miss Hannah Boyd from Corsicana.  Hannah graduated from Citizens’ High School in December of last year.  Although Hannah attended public high schools in Corsicana, she had had enough by her senior year.  She felt the need to accelerate the process.  She commented that she learned more with Citizens’ in one year than she did in the previous years in public school.  She really enjoyed the idea of “Self Pace” too!

Now that Hannah is a card carrying high school graduate she is moving on.  Since her graduation, she attended a technical college and has become a Registered Dental Assistant.  Still not satisfied, she is now studying to become a registered Nurse.  She was inspired to do these things because of the confidence she gained by successfully completing independent study.  “I feel liberated through this program.  It has changed my life and I would do it all over again.”

Hannah helps out at her parent’s day care in Corsicana.  But, in the fall she took a job with the local hospital as an operating room technician for the Labor and Delivery department.  I guess you could say she loves the little ones.  The staff here at Citizens’ is convinced beyond any doubt that Hannah will make an excellent and caring nurse in the very near future.  Because of here high degree of determination we have decided she is worthy of graduate of the month honors.

Hannah Boyd is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for June 2009.