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2008 Graduate – Nicole Lynn Ward

Nicole Lynn WardThis young lady pictured here is no longer at a crossroads. She knows exactly where she’s going and exactly where she came from. This is Ms Nicole Lynn Ward from Nixa. She graduated from Citizens’ High and earned her diploma back in November of 2007. She chose Citizens’ with her parents support to help her actually learn her lessons instead of completing them.

Nicole’s public high school experience was a typical one. She found herself falling behind because she needed more time on each subject to fully absorb the material. The group paced instruction of public schools simply cannot accommodate a more dedicated learner. She continually felt rushed to complete the work without fully understanding it.

Now that she has her diploma, Nicole has a deep and honest sense of accomplishment. Having her diploma has made a real difference in her life. One of her biggest goals in life so far was to finish high school. Now that goal is behind her, her eyes are firmly fixed on the future, college, and a degree from Missouri State University. We here at Citizens’ are extremely proud of her accomplishments and wish her God’s Speed in the upcoming year.

Nicole Lynn Ward is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for December 2008.