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2008 Graduate – Kayla Griffis

Kayla GriffisKayla attended all four academic years of high school with Citizens. She earned her diploma and an impressive 3.5 GPA in August of 2007.

Kayla was fortunate to have an older sister that graduated from Citizens’ to extol the benefits of distance learning on her. Her sister Kelli graduated back in 2004. Kayla reports that being a high school graduate has made a huge difference in her life. She is currently pursuing a business degree. She is enrolled with East Central Technical College. Her goal is to someday own her own business.

Kayla tried attending Coffee High School in Douglas prior to enrolling with Citizens’. She found the negative atmosphere, rampant drug use, and frequent fights to more than she was willing to tolerate. She, with the recommendation from her sister, called us. The rest is history.
Kayla now is a proud high school graduate on her way to bigger and better things with a strong sense of purpose and a real sense of accomplishment. We could not be more proud of her and know she will succeed in life!.

Kayla Griffis is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for November 2008.