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2008 Graduate – Jenesse Kennedy

Jenesse KennedyMonroe is located in the extreme southeastern corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, along the coast of Lake Erie at the mouth of the River Raisin. It is the largest city in Monroe County and functions as the county seat. Located halfway between the greater Toledo, Ohio and Detroit metropolitan areas, this city is supported by a diverse economy leading in steel production, paper products, furniture, electrical power and auto parts.

Monroe began as a French settlement in 1780, when Francois Navarre moved here from Detroit and built a cabin on land deeded to him by the Indians along the north side of the River Raisin. This quickly developed into what became Frenchtown, only the third major community in Michigan by 1815. In 1817, an American community began along the south side of the river.

It was named after James Monroe, fifth president of the United States, after he planned to stop on his Jubilee tour which inspired the name change in 1817. Monroe is also known for being the childhood home of General George Armstrong Custer, Civil War hero, later defeated by the Indians at the Battle of Little Big Horn. His statue, erected by the State of Michigan in 1910, stands downtown by the River Raisin.

Citizens’ High School would like you to meet Miss Jenesse Kennedy. Jenesse has never been defeated by Indians, Giants, Lions, or any other team. Jenesse also has never been defeated by government run schools.

She ran into some trouble as some teens tend to do in her junior year. This prevented her from returning to school for her senior year. Jenesse discovered that the curriculum at her high school was not teaching her anything. She especially struggled with English. Even after repeating it, she still did not understand the nuances of English.

When it became necessary for Jenesse to leave public high school, she still had an intense desire to earn a diploma. Citizens’ High School was the right fit for her needs. After she completed her junior year English course from us, she finally “got it”.

“I can honestly say that I barely learned English from my previous high school. I learned so much from Citizens’ English course from that it actually was enjoyable. I knew I was learning a lot and it made me want to keep doing the work.”

Jenesse was so successful with Citizens’ curriculum that her little brother is now enrolled with us. We are grateful for the referral. But, more importantly, we are proud to be part of the solution to the problems associated with the state of public education. Jenesse plans to pursue education in the fine arts arena. We know she will be successful. She has demonstrated tenacity and self-reliance.

She kept her eye on the prize.

Jenesse Kennedy is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for May 2008.