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2008 Graduate – Donald Gokey

Donald GokeyWarsaw, the county seat since 1730, was originally called Richmond County Courthouse. It was renamed Warsaw in 1831 in sympathy for the Polish struggle for liberty. At Historic St. John’s Church is the site of the William Atkinson Jones Memorial Monument, a gift from the Philippine people. Jones was a congressman who sponsored the bill for Philippine independence in 1916. Warsaw has a population of 1,375.

Virginia’s past is the beginning of the nation’s history and heritage. From the first permanent English settlement of Jamestown in 1607 through the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, Virginia was where the nation originated, where it prospered and where many of our nation’s conflicts were resolved. Sites have been preserved, artifacts collected and research continues. Preservation of history and Virginia are synonymous. Historic Warsaw is located between the Potomac River and the Rappahannock River in Virginia’s beautiful Northern Neck.

Also in the Northern Neck is Citizens’’ High School’s first 2008 Graduate of the Month. Please meet Mr. Donald Gokey. Donald is a true Homeschooler. He has never set foot in a government run school. He was preceded by his brother, also a Citizens’ graduate. Donald graduated in June of 2007 with a perfect 4.0 GPA. His GPA shows just how dedicated to perfection he is. Donald knows how to set goals and achieve them.

Speaking of goals, Mr. Dokey has a passion for helping our young people establish goals, maintain focus, and achieve the goals. His passion is such that he is dedicating his future to setting up a foundation committed to helping young people achieve their goals. An intermediate goal for Donald to get his foundation rolling is to become a licensed realtor. He is currently undergoing training with Century 21.

Citizens’ High School is exceedingly proud of Donald. This young man is already concerned with giving back to the community. This trait is usually reserved for later in life. Due to Mr. Gokey’s academic record and his future goals, we are happy to award him our Graduate of the Month for January 2008.

Donald Gokey is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2008.