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2008 Graduate – Ashley McClearn

Ashley McClearnMount Clemens is a city in Macomb County, in the Detroit metro area and is the county seat. The community was named after Christian Clemens. In the late 1790s. Christian Clemens came to the area with a surveying party under the leadership of Lewis Cass Christian became deeply interested in the high ridge of land on the Huron River. On March 18, 1800, Clemens, together with Oliver Wiswell, purchased a distillery. The distillery is considered the first building on the site of the future Mount Clemens. In 1801, Clemens bought the land surrounding the distillery, amounting in all to 600 acres. The village of Mount Clemens was later platted on this land in 1818.

Mount Clemens has a rich and colorful history centered on the discovery of mineral water wells by Dorr Kellogg in 1870. As word of the therapeutic value of bathing in Mount Clemens’ mineral water spread, an industry grew and thrived. Turn of the century Mount Clemens was abounding with bath houses and fine hotels. People came from all over the world to take the health-giving baths, and Mount Clemens became known as the “Bath City.” The bath industry flourished until the late 1920s, and the Great Depression closed most of the large hotels and baths. The last bath house in operation, the Arethusa, closed in 1974.

This beautiful young woman (Not in need of a bath) is A recent Citizens’ High School graduate. Her name is Miss Ashley McClearn. Ashley graduated and received her diploma last March. She did so because she felt she was not learning anything from Mt Clemons public high school. Although she actually enjoyed the social aspect of the government run school, she felt she was capable of more than they offered.

With diploma in hand, Ashley soon realized the job opportunities that were now available to a high school graduate. She also knows that more opportunities are available to college grads. Ashley is now an accounting student at Baker College.

Ashley is very close to her family. She still lives at home with her mom and a sister. I think she may just be there a while too! Miss McClearn has the goal of earning her accounting degree, CPA, and masters in Business (MBA). We here at Citizens’ have all the faith in the world in Ashley. If she attacks her college curriculum with the fervor she did her high school studies, she will moist undoubtedly succeed.

Miss Ashley has demonstrated maturity beyond her years as well as self discipline. She has earned her diploma, our respect and pride, and Graduate of the month honors for March.

Ashley McClearn is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for March 2008.