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2007 Graduate – Veronica Pedroza

Veronica PedrozaForked River is an unincorporated area located within Lacey Township, in Ocean County, New Jersey. Lacey Township is approximately 84 square miles and is vast in size and rich in natural resources.

Lacey Township is named for Revolutionary War General John Lacey and was formed on March 23, 1871. General John Lacey in partnership with his son Thomas R. Lacey, developed Ferrago Forge on the middle branch of the Cedar Creek eight miles northwest of Forked River in 1809 which included an area he had surveyed in 1794. It included a dam that created “Forge Pond.” The settlement that sprang up around the forge was first called Ferrago Village. General Lacey built a road from the forge to Forked River in 1810 to ship the iron products from Ferrago Forge and nearby Dover Forge built in 1809 by Lacey’s son-in-law, William Smith, in what is now Berkeley Township.

A premium attraction in Forked River is the Lacey Schoolhouse Museum. It is the Forked River’s old schoolhouse, built in 1868 and was in use until 1952 – when a new grade school was built. Although school houses are an important part of our heritage, meet someone who’s glad it’s just a museum.

This fine young woman is Veronica Pedroza and a graduate of Citizens’ High School. She actually earned her diploma in January of 2006. She found public schools to be too distracting to concentrate on education. With only a year and a half left to earn a diploma from public high school, Veronica made a decision that changed her life. She decided that home schooling would better suite her needs. She left the confines of brick and mortar for the comfort of her kitchen table. Veronica finished a year and half’s curriculum in a year.

Veronica is now enrolled Ocean County College where she is pursuing credentials in Dental Hygiene. Her goal is to become a Dental Hygienist and to provide education to the public on the importance of good oral care.

Veronica first found out about Citizens’ from her future mother-in-law. That referral has led to new pride and confidence for Veronica. The confidence and diploma has also led to a promotion for Veronica at her job. Because she is a graduate, Bank of America felt she was ready to become an Investment Counselor. The raise in pay helps offset the cost of her college.

Veronica enjoys spending time with her 5 nieces when not in school. And, of course, she also enjoys spending time with her fiancé. The two love to dance for fun and exercise.

Veronica has a bright and wonderful future ahead of her. Her decision to finish her diploma requirements has made all of us here at Citizens’ extremely proud of her. You should be too!

Veronica Pedroza is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2007.