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2007 Graduate – Loretta Whiting

Loretta WhitingSunbury is a village in Delaware County, Ohio, United States. The population was 2,630 at the 2000 census, and estimated to be 3,225 as of 2005. The village is exploring becoming a city when its population reaches 5,000, which may be in the next 10 years. The village is centered around a New England-esque traditional town square with the historic village hall located in the center of a village green. The village is home to a major American Showa manufacturing facility, which manufactures automotive parts for Honda of America.

If you drive I-71 between Columbus and Cleveland, you’ll pass the exit for Sunbury. Sunbury is home to the Sunbury Erratic. What is the Sunbury Erratic? It sounds like an eccentric old guy who sits on a park bench and spouts his opinions. But, no, the Sunbury Erratic is not an old, it’s a rock… A big rock. A big granite boulder: 22 feet long, 18 feet wide and 8 feet high with a circumference of 72 feet. The part of the boulder that we can see is estimated to weigh about 200 tons. But there’s a lot below ground that we can’t see. Nobody’s sure how big the thing really is.

Sunbury not only hosts an erratic, it’s also headquarters for the Center of Ghost Town Research in Ohio. They do exactly what the title says: research Ghost Towns in Ohio. A ghost town is a community that once was and now isn’t. It was a recognizable entity—had a name, at least a scattering of buildings, perhaps a post office address. But today, the identity of that specific community is gone or the people are gone or both—or it has so dramatically shrunk that it’s a shadow of its former existence.

This young lady is no erratic either. This is Ms. Loretta Whiting and she’s one very smart individual. Loretta completed all the requirements for a high school diploma last May. She completed four academic years with Citizens’ High School and maintained a perfect 4.0 average. This curriculum took her 38 months to complete. She finished high school almost a full year ahead of her public school peer group. (If you want to call them that!)

Loretta and her family realized after three years of grammar school that home school was the preferred method for superior, morally accurate, personalized education. When Loretta was ready for high school, the government run schools were not even considered. She continued on in what was now a family tradition of home schooling. She chose Citizens’ High school because it is a one-on-one program that was a benefit to her.

Loretta comes from a very close family that has always supported and lifted each other up. Her family helped her to realize a goal and is continuing that support. Loretta is now a college student. She is learning the demanding skill of Dental Assisting. She attends a college in Columbus Ohio and will graduate soon.

The next time you have a tooth ache and are on the road between Columbus and Cleveland, it just may be Loretta that puts sharp objects in your mouth. We are very proud of her and with her continued success.

Loretta Whiting is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for March 2007.