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2007 Graduate – Laura Fares

Laura FaresLaura had attended private schools in pursuit of her high school diploma. Although she thought they were good schools, she found the pace of training maddening. She was experiencing the phenomenon of “Group Paced Instruction”. It’s like the U.S. Marines running in formation; they all run at the slowest runner’s speed. Laura wanted to speed up a tad.

Laura started researching Home Schools and discovered that home schoolers were gaining in popularity as well as recognition by main stream academia. She also found that Citizens’ High School was a four year, fully accredited, distance learning high school, that could allow her to move at her own pace.

With the support of her family, Laura decided to “Home School” herself. She needed nearly three academic years to complete the requirements for her diploma. Miss Fares proved she was a quicker learner than the group paced mantra. She finished her requirements and graduated with a 3.91 GPA in only 21 months. Smokin’!

Obviously Laura is proud of herself, but more importantly; her family is proud of her accomplishments too. Laura will be attending college very soon. She is taking some time off and exploring different career fields that interest her. We are confident that when she does choose a career path, she’ll arrive about a year ahead of everyone else.