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2006 Graduate – Tiffany Sitterlet

Tiffany SitterletThe township of Hartland seems to have derived its name from a township of like name in the State of New York, which was the former home of some of its early settlers. Its separate existence dates from 1836, when it became an independent township and held its own elections.

Hartland is a township in Livingston County, in the Detroit metro area. Hartland Township is home to 12,500 residents and is noted for its rural atmosphere and is a community that takes pride in its heritage and history.

Hartland Township is centrally located within one hour of the major metropolitan areas of Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, and Lansing, early settlers were attracted to the Livingston County area not because of its location (as is the case today) but rather because of the opportunity to receive free land.

Following the war of 1812, the Federal Government provided any veteran of that war with 160 acres of free land in Michigan. However, surveyors indicated that the land in and around Livingston county was extremely wet and poorly suited for farming. Since this caused many of the soldiers to accept free land in Missouri rather than in Michigan, the Governor requested a new survey. This second survey found much of the rolling hills and sparsely wooded land well suited for agricultural uses. Rather than give this exceptional land away, the State began to sell the originally free section parcels for $2.00 to $3.00 per acre.
The land was also abundant with fish and game, including bear and wolf. It is interesting to note that both Chippewa and Pottawatamie Indians were seen on occasion. However, there is no recorded history of violence between the settlers and the Indians.

Pictured above is one such resident of Hartland Township. This is Miss Tiffany Sitterlat. Tiffany also has no recorded history of violence with Indians. She spent her time earning a high school diploma from Citizens’ High School instead.
Tiffany was in a big hurry to to get her diploma. She found the pace of Hartland High just too slow. With the support of her family, she researched alternate means to an end. She found that Citizens’ curriculum was exactly what she needed. She enrolled with us and was able to finish high school a whole year earlier than she would have at the government run high school.

Earning her diploma has made a tremendous difference in her life. Tiffany has entered the National Institute of Technology. She is in the advanced stages of Medical Assistant training. Without her diploma she would not have qualified for enrollment. Besides being a medical assistant, Tiffany wants to be the best mother and loving wife she can be. Miss Sitterlat is a young mother of a beautiful baby girl. It is a true testament to her character and drive to push herself through school while taking care of her number one priority, her family
Citizens’ High School has no doubt that Tiffany will succeed at all her endeavors and continue being a great mom and wife. We are also quite confident that there will be no history of violence against Indians with her.
She is our unanimous pick for September Gradate of the Month for 2006.

Miss Tiffany Sitterlat is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for September 2006.