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2006 Graduate – Jessica Galban

Jessica GalbanSeagoville, Texas sits at the southeast corner of Dallas County, bordering Mesquite to its north, Kaufman County to the east, and the City of Dallas on the west.

Seagoville is a home rule city which operates under the City Manager form of government. Located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area, it offers all the benefits of small town living with the conveniences of the big city only a few short miles away.

The town was founded in 1876 as Seago by T.K. Seago (1836 – 1904). The United States Post Office changed the town’s name to “Seagoville” in 1910 to prevent confusion with another city in Texas called Sego.

Mr. T. K. Seago operated a general store near the Texas & New Orleans railroad depot. Many people would leave their mail with him to dispatch on the train. He became the Postmaster of the town post office named after him.

The local business community boasts a variety of strong small businesses providing services and goods to local citizens, and the city is home to the facilities of major national corporations such as Chief Auto Parts.

The key to Seagoville’s success as a thriving suburb which has managed to retain its own identity and “down home” atmosphere is its citizenry. From its churches of every denomination to its active parent-teacher organizations, civic groups, and sports teams to its owner-operated “personalized service” companies, Seagoville’s outstanding feature is the caring and involvement of the people who call it home.

What follows is a letter written to Citizens’ High School from a very caring member of Seagoville’s community. Please enjoy this letter from Jessica Galban who graduated from Citizens’ High School last May.

“During my freshman year in high school I started getting with the wrong crowd and skipping school. After talking with my mother we decided I might do better taking a home school course. Shortly after that decision I found out I was pregnant and having the flexibility that home schooling offers allowed me to stay home with my child during his first years as well as receive my high school diploma.

I attended public school since kindergarten in Mesquite, Texas. I did ok in the earlier years however I never felt a part of a group. There is lots of peer pressure at public school which takes away from the reason you attend school, to get an education.

I live with my mother. After having my son he has become the center of my life. I have really enjoyed getting to stay home with him during his first three years of his life. I enjoy spending my spare time with him.

I am now attending Eastfield College (Dallas County Community College). I have finished one semester with a 4.0 in my nine college credit courses. I am also working part time for an elder care company and really enjoy taking care of others. I plan to complete an associate degree in Radiology Tech Support. I hope to be able to start a career in the medical field so that I can provide a good home for my son.

Thank you,

Jessica Galban”

Miss Jessica Galban is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for February 2006.