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2006 Graduate – Jenell Martin

Jenell MartinColumbiana was established in 1803. Residents combined Columbus and Anna, after Christopher Columbus and Queen Anna, to create the city’s name Columbiana has resources that are as vast as its tales of lore. The discovery of rich clay deposits in the area led to the birth of the county’s pottery industry in the 1840s. Columbiana was the birthplace of Harvey S. Firestone of rubber industry fame, before the famous rubber business was established in Akron. There is still a Firestone tractor-tire test facility just a couple of miles northeast of town, and many town facilities are named for him.

This young lady is another Columbiana citizen who knows how the rubber meets the road. She graduated from Citizens’ High School in February of this year. Although Ms. Jenell Martin was fortunate enough to attend a private high school, it did not meet her needs. She was willing and able to learn at a pace faster than that of the traditional brick and mortar schools. Jenell heard about from Citizens’’ from a friend and made the first of many calls to us.

She enrolled with us in May 0f 2004. She needed over two academic years of credits in order to graduate and earn her diploma. She completed all requirements in only 9 months. Let’s review! She was able to accelerate her graduation date by over a year. Jenell took very challenging course that include Math, English, Science, and Business.

Jenell recalls the many conversations she had with our tutors and teachers that assisted her during her enrollment. She was able to graduate with a perfect 4.0 GPA. “When ever I had a question, I found the staff very helpful.” Although we love hearing that, it is the norm rather than the exception.
Now that Jenell has graduated, she has set her sights on Pursuing a degree in Agriculture. She is taking landscaping course currently as she presses on to the future.

Jenell has made us proud as pie hear at Citizens’ we are so grateful to have the opportunity to help her achieve this monumental goal. We wish her continued success in the future.

Miss Jenell Martin is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for November 2006.