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2005 Graduate – Virgil Brink Jr.

Virgil Brink Jr.Canton Ohio goes back to 1769, when the site was bequeathed by a Delaware Indian to a white man and sold in turn to Bezaleel Wells, a surveyor from Steubenville; he in turn laid out the first plot and sold lots in 1805. In 1807, the first store was established and a tan yard and gristmill started. In 1809, the Government established a Post Office. In 1811, the first schoolhouse was built. In 1815, Canton was incorporated as a village, 1834 as a town, and 1854 as a city.

The question is often asked, “Where did Canton get its name”? An Irish trader by the name of Captain John O’Donnell purchased a plantation in Baltimore and named it “The Canton Estate” in commemoration of the fact that he had transported the first cargo to arrive at Baltimore from Canton, China. Bezaleel Wells was living in Baltimore at the time, and Captain O’Donnell was a hero to him and the other young men of the town. Six weeks before Mr. Wells recorded the plat of Canton in New Lisbon, news of Captain O’Donnell’s death reached Steubenville. Therefore, when Mr. Wells recorded the plat and named it, he called it “Canton”.

Canton is a city of diversified industries, manufacturing over 1500 different products. It is located in the midst of the greatest steel producing center in the world. While Canton is one of America’s leading industrial areas, it is also an important agricultural area in the State picture. Canton is the center of nationally known dairy products and poultry farms as well as truck gardens which serve many communities in the State. Its dairy farms provide the largest milk sheds for both Canton and Akron metropolitan areas.

Historically, Stark County is known as the home of President William McKinley. A large National Memorial erected to his memory is located in Canton, and is visited annually by thousands of people.

Someone else you should visit is Mr. Virgil L Brink Jr. Virgil graduated from Citizens High School in November. He earned a perfect 4.0 GPA while with us. Virgil chose Citizens’ to help him complete is diploma requirements because he struggled to pay attention in a classroom setting. He discovered that group paced instruction was not targeted toward him. The pace was so slow he found himself wandering off. Home school with Citizens’ changed that. He was able to complete his high school work at the kitchen table at his pace not the class pace.

Virgil is now married and has a daughter. He knows the importance of a diploma. He feels great now that he has cleared this hurdle. He has his short term sights on being an over the road truck driver. . He wants what most responsible adults want and that’s to be able to care for his family. Trucking is a well paying and admirable profession.

Virgil continues to benefit from the support of loving parents that live very close to him in Canton.

We are thankful that Virgil chose us to assist him in achieving his diploma. We are also grateful for the support he received from his parents and family while completing the requirements. We know it’s not often easy to do while trying to support a young family. We are most grateful that Virgil stuck it out, earned his diploma, and is taking care of his most cherished possessions, his wife and daughter.

Virgil is our Graduate of the Month for April, 2005.