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2005 Graduate – Stephanie Neese

Stephanie NeeseWhat makes Miss Stephanie Neese unusual is she is self-taught. Stephanie gave up on the public school system in Vicksburg, Mi and chose to puruse home school and get her an accredited high school diploma through Citizens’ High School. She had attended some public high schools in the past that she liked, but Vicksburg high schools were not meeting her thirst for knowledge. With the blessing of her parents, Stephanie contacted Citizens’ High School for help. We provided her with her senior year’s courses. Because Stephanie is smart and motivated, she finished an entire year’s worth of courses in a little over two months. Stephanie graduated and was awarded her diploma last December. She also maintained an impressive 3.75 GPA!

Stephanie shared with us how she feels after completing such an enormous goal. “I feel, in a word, accomplished. After moving here I had all but given up every shred of hope of ever graduating high school, until I found Citizens’.” With her diploma in hand Stephanie is off to college. She has designs on being a teacher. We wonder if she will stay in Vicksburg and try to raise the current standard. When not academically involved, Stephanie likes swimming, sewing, walking, and writing.

Stephanie Neese has made all of us here at Citizens’ High School very proud. It is difficult for young people today to stay focused on the goal with all the distractions. With our Nation’s government run schools in academic and moral decline, Citizens’ High School is humbly grateful we could offer Stephanie a challenging and drug free alternative.

Stephanie Neese is Citizens’ High School’s
“Graduate of the Month” for December 2005.