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2005 Graduate – Stephanie Large

Stephanie LargeDon Juan Murrieta was only 18 when he arrived in California from Spain in 1863, settling with two brothers in the San Joaquin Valley where they took up sheep ranching. He saw vast open spaces set in the midst of an expansive valley. Greened by the grasses that covered the area, the valley was dotted with oak trees, and sycamores lined the creeks. Such natural beauty, he thought, and such a practical choice. So, he bought 52,000 acres of ranch land for $52,000.

When Don Juan died in 1936 at the age of 91, the valley that came to bear his name, Murrieta had already experienced its first boom and its first bust. The railroad came, and a town was built up around it. By 1890, some 800 people populated the area. In 1935, trains stopped running this route and the boom went bust. Not much was to change until 1987, when a period of explosive growth began. Sleepy little Murrieta, totaling only 542 residents in 1970 and little more than 2,250 a decade later, grew up almost overnight.

When it became a city officially on July 1, 1991, it was home to some 29,000 folks, many of them drawn to the area by the same virtues young Don Juan Murrieta found so attractive more than 100 years earlier. Today, the population of Murrieta exceeds 65,000 with natural beauty and so practical a choice, a real “gem of the valley.”

Another gem in this valley is Ms. Stephanie Large. Stephanie graduated from Citizens’ High School last August with a 4.0 GPA! Stephanie did this in the comfort and safety of her own home. She chose Citizens’ High School because she wanted to concentrate on acting and make her own academic schedule. Citizens’ was able to meet all of her needs.

Stephanie had attended public and private schools prior to attending Citizens’. She was active in student government, sports, and theater. She was unable to shake the feeling of being confined and restrained by the curriculum. With the Citizens’ homeschool program she had access to much greater freedom.

Stephanie comes from a family of creative, artistic individuals. Her older sister and younger brother are current Citizens’ students. As a family, they love theater and film. Her family has inspired her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in theater or possibly political science. With the success Stephanie enjoyed while a Citizens’ High School student we are quite confident she will make an outstanding college student and a “gem” in the Murrieta community.

Citizens’ High School is honored to have been able to provide for Stephanie and her siblings’ academic needs. We are proud of her accomplishments. We bestow on her the coveted Graduate of the Month for January 2005.

Stephanie Large is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2005.