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2005 Graduate – Kelli Nicole Griffis

Kelli Nicole GriffisThe town of Douglas is located where Twenty Mile Creek and Seventeen Mile Creek come together. This area was occupied for thousands of years by Native

Americans. The Cherokee (to the north) and Creek Indian (to the south) had their Nations here. Methodist revivals and baptisms were held at Twenty Mile Creek as early as the 1830s.

The town of Douglas was established in 1858 and was named for Senator Stephen A. Douglas, a powerful advocate of popular sovereignty at that time. Senator Douglas was a presidential candidate who ran against Abraham Lincoln

Douglas was chartered as a town in 1895 and as a city in 1897. The Georgia and Florida Railroad located its offices and shops in Douglas in 1909. During the 1920s and 1930s Douglas became one of the major tobacco markets in the state. This era of the city’s history is depicted in the Heritage Station Museum, located in the old Georgia and Florida Railroad depot.

The Eleventh District Agricultural College was established in Douglas in 1907. It became the first state junior college, South Georgia College, in 1927. After World War II, Douglas was one of the first small cities in the nation to develop and implement an urban renewal program to abolish slum housing and its effects throughout the city.

By the 1960s poultry processing and manufactured housing were the major industries in the city. Retail sales and services and wholesale distribution centers provided jobs for Douglas area residents at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The city has two areas listed on the National Register of Historic Places: the downtown historic district and the Gaskin Avenue historic district were created in 1989.

Pictured at the top of the page is a beautiful graduate that will not have any troubles getting employment in Douglas or anywhere else for that matter. This is Citizens’ very own Kelli Nicole Griffis. The unusual spelling of Kelli’s name is not the only unusual thing about her. She decided to buck mainstream tradition and homeschool herself. She had two challenges to attending the local government run high school. Her first issue was related to sports. Kelli was made to feel that if she did not participate in school sports, that she was not necessary. Weather that was true or not, the feelings associated with it are devastating on a young woman. The second issue Kelli had to deal with was an unfortunate car accident that made it nearly impossible for her to attend classes.

Ms. Griffis researched many alternatives to brick-and-mortar schools during her rehabilitation. With the support of her parents, she decided on Citizens’ High School to help her earn a diploma. Kelli started on the unusual trek of self-taught, self-pace, home school studies. She earned her diploma last August with an impressive 3.6 GPA. She feels great pride in her accomplishments. “It has made a huge difference in my life!”

Kelli is now attending East Central Tech College. Her short term goal is to earn a degree in Cosmetology. The long range goal for this unusual and brilliant woman is to own a string of beauty shops world wide. Although an ambitious goal for such a young woman, we have no doubt she will achieve it. Kelli has already proven she can attain what she sets her mind to.

Kelli has proudly represented Citizens’ High School and has proven that home schooling works! For her efforts, insight, intelligence, judgment, know-how, learning, principles, and attainments, we bestow Graduate of the Month honors for October 2005.

Kelli Nicole Griffis is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for October 2005.