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2005 Graduate – Jessica Szczepaniec

Jessica SzczepaniecGlendale is located on the Western edge of Phoenix. “The basis of Glendale’s economic progress throughout its 100 year history as a community might be best summed up by two words: water and transportation. More than just supporting the usual needs of the city’s population, water actually created Glendale’s industry. The Arizona Canal and Roosevelt Dam assured a stable water supply and freedom from the effects of droughts and floods. As a result of these water sources, Glendale became an agricultural Mecca, specializing in lettuce, melons, sugar beets, and cotton.Phoenix’s founder, a saloon brawler and drug addict named Jack Swilling, re-excavated a network of prehistoric Hohokam Indian canals that irrigated thousands of acres of farmland along the Salt River. His efforts also helped give birth to Southeast Valley Settlements that became the cities of Tempe and Mesa. Unfortunately, for the northern and western portions of the Salt River Valley, no Indian Canals were there to restore. So the lands that make up Northwest Phoenix, Glendale and Peoria today remained raw desert more than 15 years after the East Valley cities had already been settled. For the barren Northwest Valley to come to life, it, too, needed that all-powerful resource–water.” A great idea was soon born to build a canal 44 miles long from its heading on the Salt River in May 1885.”

Another powerful resource in the Glendale area is none other than our own Jessica Szczepaniec. Jessica graduated from Citizens’ High School back in April of 2004 with an impressive 3.75 GPA. Jessica could be considered a hybrid student. She wanted to home school and attend public high school. She did just that. She took core courses from us and took electives from her local high school. This allowed her to work at her own pace for the tough classes and attend school for the easier group paced offerings. Jessica’s love of track related athletics kept her in the mainstream educational system. Jessica was fortunate that her high school allowed her to compete in track and cross country while earning a diploma from Citizens’.Jessica was so successful that her younger sister is now a Citizens’ student too. Jessica is pursuing her bachelor’s degree. She started with Glendale Community College and will most likely be moving on to ASU soon. If you visit the greater Phoenix area look for a Sun Devil running by you on her way to greatness.

And speaking of greatness… Jessica is Citizens’ High School Graduate of the Month for July 2005

Jessica Szczepaniec is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for July 2005.