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2004 Graduate – Robert P. Hutchens Jr.

Robert P. Hutchens Jr.Providence Forge is located in New Kent County between Richmond and Williamsburg on Hwy 60 in the Eastern Region of the Virginia. It was named for a foundry established there in 1770 to make farm implements. Today, Providence Forge has a Population of 10,445 happy people and maybe a grouch or two.

Providence Forge was one of the earliest settlements and the site of a colonial forge that was destroyed by Banister Tarleton in the Revolutionary War. Even its location was forgotten until uncovered by the great flood of 1868.

A proud resident of this historic village is Mr. Robert P. Hutchens Jr. He’s not only proud to be a member of Providence Forge, he’s proud to have earned his high school diploma from Citizens’ High School. Robert graduated last July after completing 3 academic years. Robert completed his program in a mere 908 days.

Robert started out his high school journey in the public school system offered by Providence Forge school district. He told us that “public school was ok, it just wasn’t for me.” Citizens’ identifies completely. Government schools aren’t for a lot of people. Robert chose Citizens’ due to the price and the curriculum. “It’s a great way to get your diploma.” When we asked Robert how he felt having completed this goal, his only response was “relieved”.

Robert’s high school diploma was a critical stepping stone to his ultimate goal. Robert has been very active with Charles City Volunteer Fire Department. He wants to be a full fledged fire fighter and is taking the necessary steps to do so. Robert has already completed basic firefighting and hazardous materials training at J Sergeant Reynolds Community College. He will finish up his Associate degree soon in Fire Science. Judging him by his academic record at Citizens’, we know he will be a valuable asset to any fire department.

Roberts’s social life includes racing cars and playing guitars. (Sounds like a country and western song doesn’t it?) He is very close to his family especially his two brothers. His brothers will also rely on Citizens’ High School to help them earn a diploma.

We celebrate Robert’s successes and we believe in his dreams. We are proud of him and thankful he chose Citizens’. We are also proud of his choice in careers. You just may see Robert someday, racing off to save a life. If you have the chance to talk with him, thank him and congratulate him for being Citizens’ High School Graduate of the Month for May 2004.

Mr. Robert P. Hutchens Jr. is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for May 2004.