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2004 Graduate – John Robinson

John RobinsonMabie, West Virginia is located in Randolph County, nine miles west of Beverly, on the Staunton-Parkersburg Pike. The community is divided by the Pike, part being on one side and part on the other. The community, which is composed of about eighty families, was first called “Roaring Creek” from the name of the creek which flows through it. It was then called “Fisher”, being named after a resident of that name. Finally, in 1897, when W. H. Mabie erected his band mill, it was given the name of “Mabie” which it bears at the present time.

Seven pupils were enrolled in the first school which was taught by Moses Phillips in his home west of Mabie. Later, school was held in a blacksmith shop on the Hillary farm. Greased paper was used in the windows as a substitute for glass, and large hewn slabs of wood with peg legs and no backs were used as seats. The floor was of dirt. The teacher, Julia Hart, was hired by the parents.
The first school house was built in the forks of the road on the Hillary farm on land donated by Mr. Hillary. The first teacher was Bill Epperson. Now there are four schools in the community, three one-room buildings, and one two-room building.

Our graduate of the month was not an original member of the first school house. He was a member of a small school, however. Life changed for John Robinson when the local school board decided to close his school and move the students to a much larger school near-by. In keeping with traditional government school bureaucracy, John’s school records became lost during the closing and the transfer of his school. The school board’s solution to the problem was to have John repeat his first two years of high school. Now there’s a great governmental solution! Needless to say, John became embittered and decided to quite school completely.

John’s decision, although understandable, was not the smartest one he could have made. He further aggravated the situation by refusing to return to classes when his records were located 2 years later. John assumed that the school system really didn’t care about him, so he was not going to return. As John matured he realized that no matter how righteous his attitude, he was still going to need an education.

John contacted Citizens’ High School for help. John needed to take eight classes from us to earn his diploma. Eight classes are actually two academic years. John poured his heart into his subjects and completed them all within one year. He emerged with a 3.5 GPA. That’s impressive! John chose Citizens’ High School so he could complete his diploma requirements at home. “I needed to work the classes into my schedule instead of the other way around.”

John has been married now for eleven years and has a ten year old daughter. His wife and daughter are very proud of his accomplishments. They both will benefit from John’s diploma. You can see by the photo that John is proudly serving in the US Army. With his diploma, he is now eligible to participate in college programs sponsored by the Army. John’s goals now are centered on advancing his career in the military as well as taking college classes. We are certain he will achieve these goals. After all, history is a great predictor of the future. John did so well with Citizens’ this past year, he will do well in the future.

John is special to us here at Citizens’ High School. We are proud of him on many fronts. He has proudly put himself in harm’s way to keep us safe. He has cared and provided for his family. He realized the importance of education and took the steps required to achieve it.

John, you are Citizen’s High School’s Graduate of the Month for September 2004.

John Robinson is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for September 2004.