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2004 Graduate – Erica Kacy Ivy

Erica Kacy IvyPonder is relatively small town that can be found in Texas if you arrive at the intersection of Farm roads 156 and 2449 and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway tracks, in western Denton County. It is southwest of Denton, above the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area. Don’t blink while going through Ponder. With only approximately 167 families and a population of approximately 432, it’s easy to miss. The land area in Ponder is 2.75 square miles.

One of the first to arrive was Silas Christal, who settled just west of the site of future Ponder, where he built an oxen-powered gristmill. In 1886 the Santa Fe purchased land for a right-of-way through the community. The railroad called the community Gerald, and in 1887 the first passenger train arrived in town. In 1889, when it was discovered that another Texas town was called Gerald, the town was renamed Ponder, in honor of W. A. Ponder, a prosperous landowner and Denton banker.

In the early 1920s a twelve-grade brick school was constructed, and in 1935 it had 186 students and seven teachers. In 1939 the Ponder Rodeo began. It became a community event, with everyone pitching in to help build the arena and local women’s groups selling refreshments. Admission was twenty-five cents. The rodeo remained in Ponder until 1942, when it was moved to Denton because of gas and rubber rationing during World War II. In 1946 it moved back to Ponder and soon had a new 3,500-seat arena. When Denton started its own rodeo in 1950, the Ponder rodeo ended.

By the end of the 1960s the community was incorporated. In the 1970s Ponder had a population of 179 and five businesses. Many residents of small towns had been moving to big cities to find jobs, but by the 1980s people were moving from big cities to small towns such as Ponder, and the population was back up to 297. The community still had five businesses. In 1980 a processor of liquefied petroleum gas located in Ponder. By 1990 the population was 432.

Citizens’ High School would like to introduce you to a very proud member of the 432 Ponder residents. This is Ms. Erica Kacy Ivy. Erica earned her high school diploma from Citizens’ last November. As you can see by the picture, it was a shoes optional ceremony. One look in to her eyes will tell you of her pride and sense of accomplishment.

Erica decided to stop attending the local high school in her senior year. Although Ponder High school had small classes, discipline was a problem and “far too much attention was devoted to athletics.” Now Erica not only has her high school diploma, she is a licensed cosmetician working Denton. “Citizens’ High School allowed me to finish high school while attending a trade school.” “It has made a huge difference in my life.”

Citizens’ is proud to honor Ms. Ivy for her accomplishments. When most kids her age are not sure what the want to do, Erica knew and went after it. She sacrificed much to do what she did. Because of her commitment to excellence and the sacrifices she made to arrive where she is, we anoint her April Graduate of the Month for 2004.

Erica Kacy Ivy is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for April 2004.