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2003 Graduate – Tabatha Ohlerking

Tabatha OhlerkingAston Township, PA was settled on in 1682 and was incorporated as a Township in 1688. Aston then became a First Class Township in 1906. Many of the earliest residents of the Township came from a place called Ashton in Bampton Parish, Oxfordshire, England. This is where the name Aston came from.

In 1998 the population was estimated at approximately 16,797 all in an area of 7.1 square miles. Aston is a mere is 12 miles or 30 minutes from Philadelphia.

Aston’s high school is experiencing about a 20% dropout rate. Citizen’s High School would like to introduce you to one such drop out that turned out to be quite successful.

Ms. Tabatha Ohlerking found necessary to drop out of high school in her senior year. The decision was a painful one to make but, crucial nonetheless. Tabatha was experiencing some tough health issues with her family. She wanted to stay in school but was needed at home too. Her high school was unwilling to work with her and allow her to take classes from her home while attending to her family. She was forced to drop out and seek a diploma from non-traditional methods.

Tabatha enrolled with Citizen’s High School to complete her senior year. She graduated last November. She chose Citizens’ High School because we were willing to work with her and help her overcome the problems she was encountering at home. For Tabatha, homestudy was a life saver. “Home Study allowed me to learn more at my own pace. It also permitted me to concentrate longer on the really important things.”

“Since I have graduated and earned my diploma, I feel my life is back on track. I can now get on with my life and continue my education. I am taking classes at Neumann College, where I hope to earn a bachelors’ degree in business.” “I am very hard working and I love a challenge.” I view failure as a chance to learn and grow.”

Tabatha told us that with the health issues she had to deal with, that it was a great feeling now having her diploma. She feels that her life has returned to normal and she feels like a young woman should. “ I look forward to a business degree and possibly a second one in Education.”
Tabatha enjoys singing in choir and truly takes pleasure in singing to children. She is understandably close to her family. When not studying or singing, Tabatha likes to ice skate with her friends.

The faculty and staff of Citizens’ High School are extremely proud of Tabatha and her accomplishments. She demonstrated a tremendous effort and fortitude to earn a high school diploma in spite of overwhelming odds.

Ms. Tabatha Ohlerking is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for October 2003.