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2003 Graduate – Mindy Coffindaffer

Mindy CoffindafferOn March 20, 1959, John D. MacArthur, multimillionaire insurance magnate and landowner, announced his plan to develop approximately 4,000 acres and provide homes for 55,000 people in a new community. This land would be developed under his careful supervision. Mr. Macarthur’s chosen name for the city was Palm Beach City. However, permission to use that name was denied, so MacArthur, in keeping with his “garden city” plan, decided to call the city Palm Beach Gardens. Mr. MacArthur took great strides to uphold the “gardens theme” and the beauty of his new community. He wanted this new city to be a place to raise a family and make a living, to realize the American dream

By 1964, Mr. MacArthur was satisfied with the industry and recreation in Palm Beach Gardens. He heard that the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) was looking for a new site for their home offices and golf courses. In March 1965, the clubhouse was completed and the PGA moved in.

The City of Palm Beach Gardens has grown steadily during its forty-four years of existence. Contributing to the growth and beauty of Palm Beach Gardens is Miss Mindy Coffindaffer. Mindy is a proud and happy resident of PB Gardens.
Mindy graduated from Citizens’ High School one year ago. Since her graduation, she has been pursuing a career in the medical field. Her short-term goal after high School was to be a Medical Assistant. She is currently employed as a Medical Assistant with training from Summit Institute. Her long-term goal is to be a doctor.

We are proud of Mindy’s goals and accomplishments. She worked very hard to earn her diploma from us. She was and is serious about her education. Mindy told us that she chose Citizens’ High School to assist her in her dreams because “I learned more in a few months with citizens than I did in three years at public school.” She also enjoyed the benefits of working on her own at her own pace. “My kitchen table offered far less distractions than a classroom with 40 kids that don’t want to be there.”

Mindy explained to us that she feels so good about herself now that she has her diploma. “I now feel like I can accomplish anything. I will never give up!” Her pride in accomplishment and self-confidence are obvious to more than just her. Because of Mindy’s success, several of her friends have enrolled with Citizens’ High School, and several more are considering it.

Citizens’ High School wants to sincerely thank Mindy for the referrals and especially for being successful. She is shinning example of what can be with determination and a goal.

Ms. Mindy Coffindaffer is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for November 2003.