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2003 Graduate – Kara Kramer

Kara KramerHarrisonburg, laid out upon 50 acres of land belonging to Thomas Harrison, was legally established in May, 1780, by the same Act that gave recognition to the town of Louisville, in the county of Kentucky . The place in early days was often called Rocktown; for example, Bishop Asbury designates it by that name in his journal, in 1795; and as late as 1818, perhaps later, the name Rocktown was frequently used.

In 1797 the town was enlarged by an addition of 23 1/2 acres, laid off in lots and streets, from the lands of Robert and Reuben Harrison. In 1808 an Act was passed enabling the freeholders and housekeepers resident in the town to elect five trustees annually; and by the same Act the trustees were authorized to raise $1000 by taxation for the purchase of a fire engine, hooks, and ladders. All the men of the town were to constitute the Harrisonburg Fire Company.

The “boom” period was marked by decided “plants” and prophecies in Harrisonburg, not all of which grew or came true; but, as already indicated, the town has had a constant and healthy growth. It is noted as the best horse market in the Valley. In 1899 Harrisonburg voting precinct was divided into East Harrisonburg and West Harrisonburg.

On Christmas day, 1870, about 4 o’clock in the morning, fire broke out on the south side of the public square, and burned all the buildings over to the old stone Waterman house. The loss totaled $50,000 or $60,000.

In 1875 the first town clock for Harrisonburg was put in the court house tower.

In 1887, and thereabout, Harrisonburg had no saloons.

Also in 1887 Harrisonburg did not have Miss Kara Kramer. That changed in May of 1984 when Kara entered the world. Since then Harrisonburg has been fortunate to have her and will benefit from her presence in the future. Ms. Kramer graduated from Citizens’’ High School last June with a sizzling 3.9 GPA. She now has her sights set on becoming teaching assistant to fulfill her hopes of working with children.

Prior to enrolling with Citizens’’, Kara tried to be what the government schools wanted her to be. She showed up daily and participated in class the had so many students in it that individual attention was not an option. Between classes, she was exposed to “too many cliques” and “negative social atmosphere.” We pushed her to elaborate on the “negative social atmosphere” comment. She implied that the Christian values are discouraged, promiscuity encouraged, and drug use is the accepted norm by her peer group. This permeating tone is not a Harrisonburg public school phenomenon; it’s a bit more wide spread.

Ms. Kramer, with the support of her parents, decided to finish her diploma requirements with Citizens’’ High school and leave the government run schools to the ill informed.

Judging by her picture, you can tell that her folks are very proud of her. We are too. It’s not easy to discipline yourself to study. We respect Kara’s maturity and determination. We also respect her principles. Kara told us “I felt very proud when I received my diploma, it’s so important for my future goals.” Kara’s goals are not set in concrete yet. She is currently managing an Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzel store while she decides her future. She loves working with animals and children as well as skiing. Kara also finds the Dental Assistant career intriguing.

We know that what ever path she chooses, she will be successful. We know this from her track record with us and the determination it took to complete the program.

Ms. Kara Kramer is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for May 2003.