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2003 Graduate – Ashley Keefer

Ashely KeeferLeesburg Texas is on State Highway 11, seven miles west of Pittsburg in western Camp County. It was named for the John Lee family, early settlers in the area. In 1874 Leesburg was one of three towns proposed to be the county seat of Camp County; it finished second to Pittsburg. That year a post office called Leesburgh was established with James G. Credille, the county treasurer, as postmaster. The spelling was changed to Leesburg around 1900. When the East Line and Red River Railroad was built through the county in the late 1870s, Leesburg became a station on the line. By 1884, the community had a mill, a gin, three stores, and a population estimated at fifty. The town grew rapidly during the 1880s, and by 1890, its population was estimated at 150. By 1896, the number of residents had increased to an estimated 300, and at that time, the town had two churches and two schools, in addition to a flourishing commercial section. From the 1890s through the early 1930s, the population of Leesburg continued to be reported at around 300, but it had declined to an estimated 120 by 1943. By 1955 the Leesburg school district had been consolidated with the Pittsburg Independent School District, and by 1968 Leesburg’s population had fallen to seventy-five. It was 115 from 1970 to 1990, when the community still had its post office as well as thirteen rated businesses.

Leesburg may be a small town, but its people are great, especially Ashley Keefer. Ashley graduated from Citizens’ High School last May. She completed her diploma requirements with a stellar 3.4 GPA. She chose Citizens’ because she was eager to get a jump-start on her education. ” I wanted to work from home at my pace. Public schools waste too much time on academic issues.” Ashley went to explain that public school teachers spend excessive amounts of time disciplining unruly classmates, doing paperwork for students trying to switch schedules, and other events that slowed down the class. “It appears to me that the public schools I attended before I enrolled with Citizens’ High School, have lost their focus. Dealing with drug abuse, pregnancy, and violence have become more important than English, Math, and History.”

Ashley discovered that she had time to do things she enjoyed because of home school. She has a love of cheerleading, photography, and most important, working for the Good News Christian bookstore.” Because I have a job, I can now enjoy driving my new 2000 convertible. If I had to attend public school, I could not do these things. “

Ms. Keefer explained to us that home study has helped her develop a strong self-discipline and independence. “I feel so relieved to have achieved this goal. It has opened so many doors for me.” One of he doors Ashley is referring to is continuing her education. Ashley has moved to Norcross Georgia to attend college. Her hopes for the future include caring for animals as a veterinarian. “I love animals and being able to get paid to work with them would be a dream job come true.”

Ashley is a wonderful ambassador for Citizens’ High School. Because of her example and enthusiasm, two of her cousins are now Citizens’ students. Ashley reports that they have never enjoyed school more than they do right now. “I believe so strongly in home schooling that I will enroll my children with Citizens’ when the time comes.”
We are grateful for Ashley’s recommendations and for her. We are happy when anyone testifies to the benefits of our program specifically for home school in general. Because of Ashley’s strength, resolve, and commitment to excellence, Citizens’ High School humbly bestows her with the prestigious

Ms. Ashley Keefer is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for February 2003.