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2002 Graduate – Maria Mendoza

Maria MendozaPlease join us in congratulating Ms. Maria Mendoza for not only earning her high school diploma, but also earning it in a fashion that garnered her the distinction of Graduate of the Month. Maria hails from Hammond, Indiana. Neighboring Chicago at the Indiana state line, the city of Hammond was incorporated in 1884 and was named after the owner of a large slaughterhouse, the first industry to locate in the area.

Hammond is the first of Lake County’s industrial cities, dating back to 1869 when George Hammond began packing beef in ice-filled railroad cars for shipment to the East, ending forever the shipping of live cattle by rail.

Hammond is the home of the first professional football team in the USA, and is the birthplace of local jeweler Alvah Roebuck who sold watches on trains, and who one day met a man named Sears.

The city remains an industrial center and thriving community in Northwest Indiana. Today it produces soap, processed food, steel, railroad equipment, chemicals, and printed materials. Hammond is fortunate to have a very large and extensive historic district. Most notably is the recent history of Maria’s accomplishments.

Maria finished her high school diploma requirements with Citizens’ High School last November. She finished her last two academic years with us and maintained a 3.4 GPA. Excellent!! Maria chose Home study and Citizens’ High School because of love. Love? Yes, Maria got married and wanted to start a family. She also moved away from her government run public school after her wedding. She found it difficult to attend school with children at home. She explained to us that our program was “simple, understandable, and very helpful.” She also told us “having a diploma has opened a lot of doors for me.”

Some of the doors that opened for her were continuing educational choices and business opportunities. Maria is now in the process of pursuing her goal of owning her own Medical Claims Billing Service. Maria, now brimming with confidence and faith in her home school ability, has enrolled with At-Home Professions from Fort Collins, CO. She is studying their Medical Coding & Billing curriculum. We are completely convinced that she will excel in this course. After all, she does have a proven track record for independent study.

Besides studying, Maria also enjoys surfing the Internet for fun. Her favorite hobby however, is spending time with her children. We are proud of Maria and her dedication to her family and her desires for self-improvement.

Ms. Maria Mendoza is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for April 2002.