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2002 Graduate – Brandon Morris

Brandon MorrisBrandon Morris is being honored this month because of his academic excellence while attending Citizens’’ High School as well as his courage to stand up and strike out on a different path. Brandon lives in a small bedroom community for Atlanta Georgia. The Atlanta Motor Speedway is located there too. Brandon is from Hampton Georgia, just a couple miles south of Atlanta.

Hampton, Georgia is located in the southwest portion of Henry County and was incorporated August 23, 1872, under the name of Bear Creek. Thomas Griffin Barnett was elected the first mayor and held the office until his death in 1884. A short time after the incorporation, the town moved one mile from its original site due to the location of the new railroad. In 1873, Smith H. Griffin suggested the name of the town be changed. Mayor Barnett recommended Hampton for its new name in honor of his close friend, General Wade Hampton.

Wade Hampton was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on March 28, 1818. He graduated from South Carolina College in 1826 and studied law, but he did not practice. He made a financial success of his family’s plantations in South Carolina and Mississippi. Hampton felt that the states of the South had the right to secede, but he questioned the institution of slavery and was concerned about the economic consequences of secession.

Not completely unlike the General, Brandon also questioned traditional thinking and normative values. Brandon did not want to succumb to the pressures from his public high school peers. He told us that the persuasions to do drugs, have sex, and participate in events other than academic were strong and constant. He knew there was another way to get a quality education and earn a diploma without being victimized by government school mentality.

Brandon graduated in September of 2001 amidst a nation in morning. He finished with a respectable GPA of 3.4. His goals for the future include Retail Management, marriage, and avoiding “head over heels” debt. We support his goals whole-heartedly.

Brandon found out about Citizens’’ from his friend Jeremy Porter also a Citizen student. Brandon has since recommended that his Aunt take our course. Brandon told us that his Aunt thinks she is too old to earn her diploma. We are grateful to him for helping his Aunt realize her dream and that “you’re never too old to learn.” More so, you are never too old to earn the self-confidence and pride that comes from achieving your goal. Just like our Graduate of the Month for November 2002.

Mr. Brandon Morris is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for November 2002.