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Textbook Credit Program

Textbook Credit Program for
Multi-Student Families & Schools

Save up to 25% each year off our already low tuition, when you re-use textbooks you’ve already received from Citizens’ High School.

Citizens’ High School looks for every opportunity to save costs for our homeschooling families and high schools clients. We don’t believe in selling you the same textbook twice, when you don’t need another one. Instead, we offer a Textbook Credit program that can save parents, students and school districts up to 26% off the total tuition each year.

A Savings of up to $200 per year!!!

If you have more than one student taking the same course sequentially, just use the textbook that you bought previously, and we’ll give you a Textbook Credit of between $10 and $50. In addition to that, you’ll pay no shipping costs, normally $10, so you’ll save between $20 and $60 every time you re-use a textbook!


Savings Per Academic Year

General Studies Diploma Program – (23%) or an average of $170 per year
Academic Studies Diploma Program – (26%) or an average of $200 per year

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