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Student Protection Plan

We realize you are making a big commitment to improve your life. This is why we offer a unique Start-to-Finish Student Protection Plan that no other school offers to give you peace of mind to enroll.

30-Day Money-Back Assurance of Satisfaction – If you are unsatisfied with your first course, you can receive a full refund during the first 30 days of enrollment. Simply return your first course to the school, in the original condition, and receive a full refund.

Student Refund Policy – If you withdraw from CHS at any time before completing half your studies, you’ll receive a partial credit of the total tuition.

This is a plan exclusive to Citizens’ High School for all students who participate in any of our programs. We strive to ensure each student feels confident in the course work they receive and the feedback from our teachers. With this program in place we set ourselves apart from other high schools.


Protection Plan

Your success is our success!

You’ll have a personal class in a school of thousands!

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