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Military Families

First and foremost; thank you for your service. Citizens’ High School understands the challenges of military life. Our school principal, Dr. James Etter, is a 21-year Marine Corp veteran. Consequently, we know each year may present a new deployment with yet another school and location to which your children must adjust.

At Citizens’ High School we keep the focus on the academics of high school, allowing students of military families to work at their own pace with a curriculum that travels with them.

Our high school diploma program was developed with these circumstances in mind. Since our courses are taught with traditional methods, students can access their courses from anywhere in the world, just by opening a book and study guide. Assignments and exams may be emailed or mailed to the school for grading.

Not only is the program flexible and portable, but parents receive benefits as well, including:

  • More involvement with their children’s study habits
  • Ability to assist with problems one-on-one
  • Adding motivation and enthusiasm to the learning process
  • Working with an accredited high school curriculum and state-certified teachers

Best of all, parents can take comfort that a nationally accredited Citizens’ High School diploma will satisfy the prior educational requirements of community colleges and many four-year colleges and universities.

No matter where your child left off in high school, Citizens’ can pick up with the courses needed to achieve our accredited High School Diploma.

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