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Transfer Credits

Citizens’ High School accepts transfer credits earned from other accredited schools and from students who were previously homeschooled. By submitting your previous middle or high school transcript, or your homeschool portfolio of work for evaluation, you could greatly reduce the number of courses and tuition required for graduation.

For previous accredited schools:
Simply request an official transcript of completed credits from your current middle or high school and have it forwarded to our admissions office by email, fax or mail. The transcript must be from an accredited school.  We will evaluate the best program of courses for you to take, and the more credits you transfer, the lower your total tuition amount to complete your high school diploma program.

Simply take these steps:
1. Contact your previous school and submit a transcript request form. Click Here for Printable Request Form
2. Have the school send an official copy of the transcript, using one of the submission methods below.
3. Transcripts will be evaluated according to our graduation requirements.
4. Citizens’ will specify the courses you must complete to graduate.

For homeschooled students: Download the Home School Validation Forms Here
In order for a student to receive credit for courses completed through home education, the student’s parent or legal guardian must provide the following information:

  • A completed and signed Home School Grade Transcript of the student’s performance and credits earned in grades nine through twelve:
  • A completed and signed Home School Curriculum Validation listing the educational materials used for each subject completed in grades nine through twelve;
  • A completed and signed Home School Education Evaluation of the student’s academic progress in grades nine through twelve.

Send the portfolio to Student Services, using one of the submission methods below.

Submission Methods

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