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Citizens’ High School (CHS) was founded in the summer of 1981.  The name of the school has never changed and the principle education activity of the school has always been its high school diploma program.  CHS also offers high school-level and business/vocational subjects as individual, stand-alone courses.



In December 1991, National Training Inc., acquired the institution and relocated the school to Orange Park, Florida. From 1992-1994, the overall marketing, student services, current course offerings and admission standards remain the same in philosophy or procedure from the management practices in place at the time ownership was transferred.  Beginning in 1995, the school became aware through contact with parents, students and the educational community that our current high school program needed to be expanded and modified to meet our students’ ever-changing needs.  To ensure that each student who graduated from CHS wanting to pursue postsecondary education on a college level had the educational skills necessary to meet testing and admission requirements, the school expanded its advanced general studies course offerings to include a complete, separate college preparatory program.

In July 2017, the philanthropist educator, Dr. James P. Etter, acquired CHS. Dr. Etter, a 21-year Marine Corp veteran, is the founder and former CEO of American Public University, Inc . (“NASDAQ: APEI”) (American Military University & American Public University ). The school, which he founded in his basement, went on to become a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of $650 million, 2500 employees and more than of 110,000 students. Citizens’ High School, under the stewardship and direction of Dr. Etter, is poised to become a thought leader in harnessing technology to deliver innovative learning programs to generations of students.

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