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General Studies High School Diploma Program

A high school diploma is the basic qualification for getting a job and advancing your career, particularly in a competitive job market, the military, or a community or technical college after graduation.

In this program, your curriculum consists of fundamental courses that are taught at a basic high school level. As long as you have completed the 8th grade, you are eligible to enroll in our General Studies Diploma Program and earn your high school diploma.

CHS offers a nationally accredited high school program for students in the 9th – 12th grade.

  • CHS’s General Studies Diploma Program makes earning a high school diploma an attainable goal.
  • Our fundamental courses are taught at a basic high school level.

Graduation requirements:

  • Students who enroll in the General Studies Diploma Program must earn a total of 16 credits in order to graduate.
  • This may be less if credits can be transferred from a current or previous accredited high school. (Click here for details Transfer Credit)

Program Outline:

———– • 9th Grade • ———–
EN48 Language Arts-Literature I
MA29 Consumer Math
SC24 Environmental Science
SS33 World History
———- • 10th Grade • ———-
EN49 Language Arts–Literature II
MA39 Applied Math
SC23 Human Biology and Health
SS34 American History
———- • 11th Grade • ———-
EN50 Language Arts–Literature III
SS35 US Government
#1 Elective
#2 Elective
———- • 12th Grade • ———-
EN51 Language Arts–Literature IV
LM12 Consumer ED: Personal Finance
#3 Elective
#4 Elective

Electives Available:

———– • Business • ———–
BU43 Intro to Business & E-commerce
BU46 Retail Business & Selling
BU51 21st Century Entrepreneurship
BU52 21st Century Business Law
———– • English • ———–
EN45 English Communication Skills
———– • Math • ———–
MA34 Pre-Algebra
MA35 Algebra
MA36 Algebra II
MA38 Business Math
MA40 Geometry
———– • Science • ———–
SC22 Introductory Zoology(or (Biology)SC14 Life Science )
SC25 Astronomy(or SC16 Earth Science)
SC27 Physical Science
———– • Social Studies • ———–
SS31 Psychology
SS32 World Geography
———– • Life Management • ———–
LM06 Skills for Workplace Success
LM10 Parenting/Child Development
LM11 Food and Nutrition
———– • Foreign Language • ———–
LA03 Spanish I

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