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Credit Recovery

For many learners, catching up on credits can seem like an overwhelming task.

The Citizens’ High School Credit Recovery Program provides students, who did not initially succeed in obtaining course credit, the opportunity to retake a course to earn credit towards graduation. Our credit recovery courses are self-contained, independent study units designed to supplement your schools existing curriculum and give students a chance to earn credit in subjects they previously failed. After first obtaining approval for Citizens’ High School credit recovery courses from your school counselor, principal, or other authorized school official, students complete the courses independently and submit their work to Citizens’ High School for evaluation. Our evaluators report the student’s grade to the school guidance counselor, who will assign a grade and credit.

There are many reasons for needing a credit recovery course:

  • You missed a class because of an illness/health problems
  • You are failing a class (semester or full year)
  • You are behind in your credits
  • You want to graduate early
  • Your school does not offer a class that you need for college
  • Your school social environment is unacceptable (bullying, peer pressure, substance abuse, etc.)
  • You have been suspended or expelled
  • You’re an athlete
  • You’re involved in extracurricular activities

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