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Since 1984 Citizens’ has established itself as one of the leaders in home-based high school diploma programs for students of all ages. Our high school program is designed to help homeschooling students and adults from all walks of life earn a diploma with an affordable, accredited distance education curriculum.

Group of StudentsAt Citizens’ High School, your success is our success. Whether you want to go to a community college, career school, or a four-year university, or just enter the job market, we can help you achieve your goal with our selection of two high school diploma programs.  With the support of our state-certified teachers and academic advisors, you are able to earn your high school diploma from the comfort of your home or any other learning environment. Throughout your studies, we are here to support you and prepare you for future achievements in college, careers and beyond.

To accommodate the needs of our diverse student body, we offer two high school diploma programs, as well as individual courses to earn high school credits for currently enrolled students:

  • Our General Studies Diploma Program is designed for students who want to enter the job market, the military, or continue their education at a career school or community college.
  • Our Academic Studies Diploma Program is designed for students who want to enter a four-year college or university.
  • Our selection of Individual Courses allows high school students to make up credits over the summer or during a school year, to add to their curriculum, or to solve scheduling conflicts.

To learn more about how we serve a diverse student body, click on one of the Students We Serve links below.  To learn more about the diploma programs and individual courses we offer, click on one of the High School Diploma Programs and Curricula links below.

Students We Serve

-        College Bound

-        Homeschooling Families

-        Military Families

-        Athletes/Performers

-        Summer School

-        Adults

-        Homebound Students

-        International Students

High School Diploma Programs and Curricula

-        Summary of Diploma Programs and Curricula

-        General Studies Curriculum

-        College Preparatory Curriculum

-        Individual Credits and Courses



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