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The following administrative fees apply to special situations, circumstances and are non-refundable:

There is a $30.00 minimum charge for all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

A $5.00 fee is charged for each exam that must be resubmitted due to an incomplete or failing grade.

A $10.00 fee per course will be charged at the time of course shipment.

The cost to replace texts and/or workbooks varies by subject. Please contact the school for text/workbook replacement fees. Replacement fees will apply to all coursework lost in shipment due to any failure of the student to notify the school of an address change. A $25.00 fee is assessed to replace the study guide for any subject.
There is no charge for course substitutions if:

  • ALL material for the course being returned is sent back in new, REUSABLE condition.
  • The course has not been revised or discontinued,
  • No exams have been submitted for grading.

Otherwise, standard fees for replaced materials will apply. No replacement or substituted courses will be sent to the student until any and all required fees are paid.

There is a $5.00 fee for an official grade transcript and a $25.00 fee is charged to replace a lost diploma.

A student may stop and then restart submitting exams at any time within the three-year time limit with no further charges as long as their account has been paid in full and ALL exams are ultimately submitted prior to the three-year deadline date. Otherwise a $25.00 reinstatement/reenrollment fee applies.

After the Individual Course Program one-year deadline or the High School Diploma three-year deadline has passed, any incomplete courses in which the student is enrolled that have been revised or discontinued will not be accepted and replacement fees cited above will apply for all school required substitutions.

If a student fails to make required monthly tuition payments for a period exceeding 60 days, enrollment status is transferred to inactive. A student whose status is inactive may reenroll at any time within the one or three-year time limit by submitting a written request for reinstatement along with any past due tuition payments. The payment must be received prior to submitting exams for grading or receiving further coursework.

20% of the total tuition or $200 whichever is less. 

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