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Individual Courses

Citizens’ High School’s Individual Course Program offers a convenient way for you to earn high school credits. Courses are self-paced, so they can be completed as quickly as your schedule allows.

Students are not required to be enrolled as a full-time student at Citizens’ High School in order to take our individual courses.

  • Our selection of Individual Courses allows high school students to make up credits over the entire year.
  • Add to their curriculum, and solve a scheduling conflict.
  • Students can work our courses into their regular study schedule during the school year, if they wish, or complete them quickly during the summer.
  • Citizens’ High School individual courses can help improve your overall GPA, move ahead in core subjects,
  • CHS individual courses are perfect for homeschoolers who want to add a more academic substance to their curriculum.
  • State-certified teacher support and academic advisors

If you are enrolled in a traditional high school now, we require that you obtain permission from your principal or guidance counselor before enrolling in an individual course. This prevents misunderstandings later, when you have completed a course and want to transfer credit for it back to your high school. After fulfilling all the course requirements, we will issue an official grade transcript to you and to your high school, as requested.

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