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“Why should I homeschool with Citizens’ High School?” In a word, the answer is “Freedom.” Our curriculum is completely self-paced, which means you and your student remain in total control of your study schedule. You won’t be required to follow a public school calendar or have your child take state, standardized exams.

Your student will earn a DEAC-accredited, state-recognized high school diploma, without any required record-keeping on your part, and no third-party, academic evaluations that some homeschoolers must complete. Our teachers are state-certified and understand how to work with distance education students and parents.

As a parent or learning coach, you will be able to:

  • Stay completely involved in the educational process and give one-on-one help with problem subjects
  • Assist in creating valuable study habits and add enthusiasm to your child’s learning experience
  • Conduct other educational activities during your homeschool day, such as field trips and online research
  • Choose what extracurricular activities in which your child participates, and with whom.
    Many homeschooling parents choose Citizens’ for their children’s high school education, for these reasons and because of other benefits we offer, including:

We believe that active involvement by homeschooling parents or learning coaches is essential to the success of their children’s education. We make it easy and convenient for you to be involved. Our textbook and study-guide-based system is set up so that you have easy access to a record of your child’s progress. This keeps you in control of his or her education and lets you know when to coach more or call the school for help or answers to questions.

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