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Academic Studies High School Diploma Program

The key component for getting into college is an accredited high school diploma. As a student in our nationally accredited Academic Studies high school diploma program, you’ll prepare to meet the demands of college-level study.

Our Academic Studies Program is made up of more challenging courses, including advanced math and science.

  • The program is designed for those who want to attend a 4-year college or university after graduation.
  • CHS programs are facilitated by state certified teachers who monitor student progress and grade each exam ensuring that students have the support needed to be successful in the program.
  • The Academic Studies program courses will prepare you for the ACT and SAT exams.
  • We back this up by offering supplemental courses at no additional cost if you fail an entrance exam within 6 months after graduation. This is the confidence we have in our program.

Program Outline:

———– • 9th Grade • ———–
EN48 Language Arts-Literature I
MA35 Algebra
SS33 World History
SC16 Earth Science
———- • 10th Grade • ———-
EN49 Language Arts–Literature II
MA40 Geometry
SS34 American History
SC14 Life Science
———- • 11th Grade • ———-
EN50 Language Arts–Literature III
MA36 Algebra II
SS35 US Government
SC27 Physical Science
———- • 12th Grade • ———-
EN51 Language Arts–Literature IV
LM12 Consumer ED: Personal Finance
#1 Elective
#2 Elective

Electives Available :

———– • Business • ———–
BU52 21st Century Business Law
BU51 21st Century Entrepreneurship
BU43 Intro to Business & E-commerce
BU46 Retail Business & Selling
———– • Science • ———–
SC24 Environmental Science
SC23 Human Biology & Health
———– • Life Management • ———–
LM11 Food and Nutrition
LM10 Parenting/Child Development
LM06 Skills for Workplace Success
———– • English • ———–
EN45 English Communication Skills
———– • Math • ———–
MA38 Business Math
MA29 Consumer Math
MA34 Pre-Algebra
———– • Social Studies • ———–
SS31 Psychology
SS32 World Geography
———– • Foreign Language • ———–
LA03 Spanish I

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