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Academic Studies

The key component for getting into college is an accredited high school diploma. As a student in our nationally accredited Academic Studies high school diploma program, you’ll prepare to meet the demands of college-level study.

COllegeBoundOur Academic Studies Program is made up of more challenging courses, including advanced math, science, and foreign languages. The program is designed for those who want to attend a 4-year college or university after graduation. Also, our programs are facilitated by state certified teachers who monitor student progress and grade each exam ensuring that students have the support needed to be successful in the program.

Learn at an advanced level

The Academic Studies program courses will prepare you for the ACT and SAT exams. We back this up by offering supplemental courses at no additional cost to you should you fail an entrance exam within 6 months after graduation. This is the confidence we have in our program.

Program Outline:

----------- • 9th Grade • -----------

EN48 Language Arts-Literature I

MA35 Algebra

SS33 World History

SC16 Earth Science

---------- • 10th Grade • ----------

EN49 Language Arts–Literature II

MA40 Geometry

SS34 American History

SC14 Life Science

---------- • 11th Grade • ----------

EN50 Language Arts–Literature III

MA36 Algebra II

SS25 U.S. Government & Economics

SC27 Physical Science

---------- • 12th Grade • ----------

EN51 Language Arts–Literature IV

LM09 Consumer Skills

#1 Elective

#2 Elective

Electives Available :

----------- • Business • -----------

BU52 21st Century Business Law

BU51 21st Century Entrepreneurship

BU49 Accounting

BU47 Business Office Skills

BU50 Computer Keyboarding/Typing

BU43 Intro to Business & E-commerce

BU46 Retail Business & Selling

----------- • Science • -----------

SC24 Environmental Science

SC23 Human Biology & Health

----------- • Life Management • -----------

LM11 Food and Nutrition

LM10 Parenting/Child Development

LM06 Skills for Workplace Success

----------- • English • -----------

EN45 English Communication Skills

----------- • Math • -----------

MA38 Business Math

MA29 Consumer Math

MA34 Pre-Algebra

----------- • Social Studies • -----------

SS31 Psychology

SS32 World Geography

----------- • Foreign Language • -----------

LA03 Spanish I

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Satisfaction Assured

We offer each new student a 30-day no obligation review of his or her first course. This means if you are not completely satisfied with your first subject, you may return the educational materials (in the original condition) to Citizens’ High School and your money will be refunded with no further obligation.

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