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2010 Graduate – Angela Spooner

Angela SpoonerHowell, Michigan was originally named “Livingston Centre” for its central location in Livingston County. It was platted in 1835 by Flavius J.B. Crane and Edward Brooks of Detroit and was renamed in honor of Crane’s friend Thomas Howell, the son of a New York state judge. Most of Livingston County’s early settlers left comfortable surroundings in the state of New York to move west and obtain larger farms than they could have owned in the East. This large migration of New York residents came about as a result of the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825. The township was officially formed in 1836 and was made up of the territory now know as Marion Township, Oceola Township and the City of Howell.

The very first schoolhouse was built in 1837. At one time there were thirteen school districts in Howell Township. Each district contained one country school which went through the eighth grade.  Howell Township children now attend either Howell Public Schools or Fowlerville Public Schools.

Meet Miss Angela Spooner.  Angela exercised a third option for her education.  She chose home school and Citizens’ High School curriculum.  Angels felt that public schools were not “doing anything for me”.   After nearly three years in public school, Angela decided she had had enough.  She contacted Citizens’ and she enrolled with us.  “I’ve learned more in one year with Citizens’ than I ever learned in Public school.

Angela was so excited about earning her diploma last July that she recommended us to a friend of hers who is now enrolled.  Even though Angela only needed five classes to complete her graduation requirements, she did it with a near perfect GPA. She has since enrolled in a community college pursuing an Associate’s degree with a Photography concentration.   She intends on continuing on until she has earned a Master’s degree in Marine Biology.  Her ultimate goal is to protect our oceans and aquatic wildlife.
Citizens’ has every confidence in her abilities.  Judging on the way she earned her high school diploma with us, watch out BP, Angela is coming to get you!

Angela Spooner is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for June 2010.