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2006 Graduate – Jessica Eve-Jones

Jessica Eve-JonesBuhl is a city in Twin Falls County, in the Twin Falls metro area. The history of Buhl began with the vision of men who could see the potential hidden beneath the sagebrush-covered area. The U.S. government was interested in developing the west for settlement and provided financial assistance for early settlers under the Carey Act and the Bureau of Reclamation Act in the early 1900’s.

The town of Buhl was platted in 1905. Much to the dismay of some early residents, the town was laid out in the same diagonal design as the city of Twin Falls. Normally a town is laid out in a north-south, east-west direction for ease of finding places, but the Buhl town site was arranged to get the most benefit from the sun. Town lots were sold for as much as $1750 each on the main streets of town in early 1906. The town was to become the commerce center for the west-end of the county.

It was decided by members of the Twin Falls Land and Water Company that the town should be named after Frank H. Buhl because of his decision to donate land for the initial town site. Mr. Buhl continued to be a major support for the fledgling town throughout his life. He contributed $25,000 towards the building of the F.H. Buhl High School.

One attraction you do not want to miss if visiting Buhl is Balanced Rock. This famous rock is 40 feet tall and weighs approximately 40 tons. Shaped like a question mark, the rock is accessible to hikers by path. To visit this attraction, travel 17 miles south from Buhl.

Please meet one member of Buhl that did not take advantage of Frank’s generosity by attending the high school that bares his name. This is Ms Jessica Eve-Jones. With the exception of Kindergarten through the Second grade, Jessica has not been inside a government run or private school. She is a purely home schooled young woman. Jessica learned early on that public schools severely lack when individual attention and encouragement are needed. Her parents knew it too.

Jessica is the youngest of four children who were all home schooled. Jessica is the only one left at home know. She enjoys playing the piano and gardening as hobbies. She is proud of herself for earning her high school diploma. She finally has something to show for all the hard work. Having reached a major goal in her life, she now has turned her attention toward college. Jessica is now enrolled with the College of Southern Idaho.

Jessica has persevered and has earned not only her diploma, but our respect too.

Miss Jessica Eve-Jones is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for July 2006.