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2003 Graduate – Larry L. Lewis Jr.

Larry L. LewisCitizens’ High School takes tremendous pleasure in introducing Private Larry Lewis Jr. Larry calls Mason Michigan his home. Located only 10 miles southeast of Lansing, Mason is located in central Ingham County and functions as the county seat. Mason was settled back in 1836 by Lewis Lacey, who built a sawmill here for the Charles Noble & Company out of Monroe, Michigan. A year later, an executive from the company, Ephraim B. Danforth, moved here and became the first postmaster of the town then known as Mason Center – named after Michigan’s governor, Stevens T. Mason. It became the county seat in 1840, with the name changing to Mason in 1842. It eventually was incorporated as a village in 1865 and then as a city a decade later. Larry won’t be spending much time in Mason for the next couple of years.

Larry had a goal of being a soldier in the U.S. Army. This goal was not without a high hurdle or two. The Army is no longer interested in high school dropouts and very little room for folks that only obtained a G.E.D.. The United States Army is the most powerful ground force in the entire world. It upholds the ideals set forth in the U.S. Constitution and acts to support the interests of the United States. With a mission this demanding, it takes intelligent, motivated individuals to achieve it.

We asked Larry why he did not want to attend a “brick-and-mortar” high school. He explained to us that he had a full time job that he did not want to give up. “Trying to go to high school five days a week and working 40 hours plus just wasn’t working for me.” Larry went on to tell us that he feels great now that he has his diploma. “It has made a remarkable difference in my life.” Larry’s success was so impressive, that his wife is now enrolled with Citizens’ High School. We are grateful for the referral and we know she will be successful too! Larry understands that achieving goals takes determination and sacrifice. We are incredibly proud of Larry and his accomplishments. We are grateful for his dedication and commitment to the defense of this nation. We hope and pray no harm comes to him and wish him God’s speed until he can be home with his bride once again.

Private Larry Lewis Jr. is Citizens’ High School
“Graduate of the Month” for January 2003.